Sea Shipment

  • LCL (Less than Container Load): LCL stands for “less than container load.” It refers to circumstances where the cargo has limited quantities or dimensions and will not fill the full container. In this instance, the shipper might choose LCL, which allows them to mix their shipment with other smaller cargoes. A consolidated container combines many smaller commodities to be carried in the same container.
  • FCL (Full Container Load): FCL stands for full container load, which means the shipment or cargo fills the entire container. In this situation, the shipper owns the whole cargo of the container, and the container space is not shared with any other cargo.At SDA we provide Personal Service whether it is FCL/LCL  to our customers in the form of Guidance, Understanding your requirements and working out the best and most feasible options as per the scenarios.
  • Open Top & High Cube Containers:There are various sorts of containers accessible, regardless of whether you use FCL or HCL. Containers are built to meet the unique needs of multiple types of cargo, based on their dimensions, weight, and nature.The most common Containers used in this logistics industry are 20ft Standard, 20ft High Cube, 40ft Standard & 40ft High Cube.Following are some of the types of containers used as per the requirements of the cargo.Flat rack containers and Open Tops: are used for huge cargo such as machinery, lumber, and large vehicles because they only have walls on the short end of the container. The walls are sometimes collapsible, making them easier to store.
  • Temperature ControlledRefrigerated containers are used to carry perishable items that must be kept at a specific temperature and we at SDA are well aware of the temperature controlling part and always does the needful.
  • Custom Clearance & Documentation: SDA is a brand where you can completely trust us as we will be guiding you with the step by step procedures of Customs. And we guarantee The act of passing items through the customs administration to ease the flow of cargo with the proper documentation so that the workflow goes on ease, without the customers getting worried.Stuffing & stripping: We have the full facility of Container Stuffing & StrippingThe loading of containers for cargo ship transport is commonly referred to as “container stuffing.” Container stripping is the opposite of “container stuffing,” which is when cargo is removed from a container.

Air Shipment

  • Full charter & Part Charter air freight: We have good connections with all the Dedicated Charter aeroplanes that are organised by full charter / Part charter services to deliver huge volumes of goods or oversized cargo. This option gives the shipper some flexibility in terms of departure schedules while still ensuring speedy and safe air cargo shipping.
  • Normal air freight: When it comes to sending express shipments over the world, SDA has good rates for air transport services. In this model, the cargo is been sent in a normal passenger flight and uses the same airports.
  • Worldwide consolidations

Land Transport

  • Within UAE
  • GCC

Auto Logistics

  • Cars
  • Motor Bikes
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment


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